The Startup’s Guide: What is Growth Marketing?

Walk into any startup these days, and you’ll likely hear the term “growth marketing” thrown around. Job postings have exploded 75,000% on LinkedIn, and Google searches have more than doubled in five years. But in this world of hyper-growth and unicorn chasers, what exactly is growth marketing? And how can you tap into its power? […]

From Founder-Led Selling to Sales Team Strategy: A Guide for Startup Founders

Key Takeaways Founders should retain sales responsibilities early on to gather direct customer feedback and refine positioning. This allows them to codify their sales playbook before handing off to reps. Signs it’s time to hire reps include consistently closing 25%+ of engaged prospects and demonstrating repeatable sales process. Early reps should have 1-2 years quota-carrying […]

The Quick Guide to SEO for Startup Founders

Search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like a dark art to many founders and entrepreneurs. However, if implemented properly, it can become one of the most powerful drivers of sustainable growth for your startup. This comprehensive guide will demystify SEO and provide actionable advice on how to leverage it successfully. When to Focus on SEO […]

Why Sales Scripting is Essential for B2B Founders

What is a Sales Script? In the B2B startup ecosystem, there’s an understandable emphasis on product development and product growth. But let’s not overlook a vital part: sales. Sales conversations, whether a cold call or a pre-scheduled appointment, mark the first genuine interaction potential customers have with your brand. Imagine you’re about to embark on […]