A little about me

Working with youth

I have a deep passion for working with children and teenagers, particularly those from immigrant and disadvantaged backgrounds. This focus stems from my own experiences growing up in similar circumstances, which I believe equips me to offer significant value to these individuals. My work ranges from teaching entrepreneurship, and financial literacy to education and career mentoring. 

Avid traveler ✈️

I spent nearly a year solo backpacking across Europe, visiting several countries and countless cities. These days I mostly travel with my wonderful girlfriend though I continue to embark on solo adventures at least once or twice a year.

Favorite city: Mexico City

Favorite Sport Activity: Jiu-jiutsu

I’ve been training in martial arts for years in various arts including Taekwondo and Judo. I earned a black belt in Taekwondo. A couple of years ago, I discovered jiujitsu and fell in love with it. I’ve been training in it since. I have goals to compete this year and plan to earn a Jiujitsu black belt someday. It takes about ten years, for the curious.  


I do a lot of volunteering work with non-profits ranging from consulting, actively participating in volunteer activities to serving as a board member. My most recent work was with Roshni where I served as a board member and an active volunteer.

Other facts about me

I was born in Lomé, Togo to a Ghanaian mother and a Togolese father. I was educated in French. I spent most of my childhood in Lomé but visited family in Ghana on occasions. Ended up moving to Accra, Ghana for a few years during a civil war.

I immigrated to the U.S in my teenage years thanks to my father’s quest for better opportunities. His decision has since shaped the trajectory of our lives, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. 


Yes: Traveling, exercising, camping, backpacking, road trips, hiking, biking, cooking for friends, nutrition, journaling, books, podcasts, music, books, good food, movies, anime, sunshine, walkable cities, tacos, barbacoa, spices, museums, libraries, art. 

No: American sports, sour-tasting meals, celebrity gossip, astrology, winter sports

Want to work together? Let's chat

I’m always looking to meet fun people doing interesting things. Whether you want to hire me for a big project or simply think we’d make great friends, drop me a line using the form. I’ll be in touch!