You don’t need a Chief Marketing Officer yet—you only need access to one. Avoid costly mistakes and see results faster with a flexible marketing strategy that actually gets implemented.

Interim CMO

For a limited period, I will advise, manage, and oversee your marketing strategy and execution. Includes a monthly analytics report with proactive analysis, access to my professional network, quality assurance, and more.

Strategic Advisor

I’ll advise you on strategic and tactical planning, execution, and iteration from start to finish. Includes monthly KPI reports and analysis, access to my professional network, work quality reviews, and more.

Empathy Sales Enablement

I’ll help you build a sales platform that turns potential leads into paying clients. Together, we’ll work on your sales strategy and implementation and develop a comprehensive approach that leverages my expertise in customer behavior, and sales psychology to craft messaging that resonates with your target audience. I’ll guide you through the process of creating a scalable, repeatable lead generation and nurturing process, ensuring that your sales pipeline is always full of high-quality prospects.

Basically, from start to finish, I will develop and implement a sales infrastructure with strategy, tactics, and everything in between for your company to increase growth, conversions, and close rates.

You can expect to see a significant increase in leads and conversions, resulting in a positive impact on your revenue.

Revenue Operations

I’ll help you unlock your revenue potential with an optimized tech stack to maximize the performance of your revenue operations. We’ll strategically coordinate all market-facing, revenue-oriented systems, processes & activities designed to increase velocity, optimize throughput, and reduce the friction (effort) required to solve for the customer & achieve revenue objectives. I’ll help you you streamline your revenue operations by integrating your sales, marketing, and customer success processes, resulting in improved efficiency, increased revenue, and better customer experiences.

Data Engineering

I’ll help you build a scalable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) customer data platform that will enable you to extract meaningful insights from your data. I’ll work with you to design and implement a data architecture that meets your specific needs, taking into account your existing infrastructure, data sources, and business goals. I will ensure that your platform is optimized for performance, reliability, and scalability, so you can handle increasing volumes of data as your business grows.

Custom Projects

If ongoing assistance is not what you need, or you’re looking for something that doesn’t fit into the tiers of services above, custom projects may be arranged. Custom engagements are ideal for tackling challenging projects that you simply don’t have the time, interest, or available expertise to complete yourself.
Projects may include things like:

  • Redesigning or improving a complex website
  • Hiring the right internal and external marketing talent
  • Developing a 12-month digital marketing strategy
  • Auditing areas of your current digital strategy
  • Developing your company’s positioning strategy
  • And much more…

Whether you’re looking to fix a tricky problem or accomplish an ambitious goal, we’ll find the right solution for you.

Rates are based on remote projects only. Travel costs are extra.